The passion of writing made me write this very first blog.

“Even life is an illusion until you’ve the guts to execute.”

Photography— mine.

Certain things are full of illusions unless we accomplish them.

I am an exuberant soul who loves to pen down the thoughts that happens to emerge out from my imaginary mind, anywhere, anyhow.
Whatsoever, I like to write about anything and explore places and pictures- then writing about my point of view with them, sharing and emerging the exquisiteness by them.

I Love to denote my feelings over writing.

Writing about anything that comes to my mind.

It could be an essay or article or letter or love-short stories, heartbroken stories and etc.

And I usually do picture text that helps me think what must I write about.

Then, I get enormous ideas and without any delinquent I write it.

And now I will be writing and updating my new blogs here.

—Saumya Tripathi!


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The pages of life can never be replicated, if passed.

“I was a mere page of your life, however you were my whole book.” He said, looking away.

“But it was only you who torn the pages of your own book in the first place,” came a soft


— Saumya Tripathi .


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A mini— tale.

“What makes you so afraid of him? Is it his dark side?”

A little smile itself made its way in the corner of my lips at the serene question.

“No. His dark side is what I crave the most,” I replied, eyes beady.
“Then? What is it?”

“It’s the forged love that he happens to show me that scares me, and makes me see the gravity of love!” I chuckled with innocent eyes.

—Saumya Tripathi!


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Short story!

Those certain days.

I still remember those days.The days you used to text me saying how much you missed my presence.

The days you said you missed my touch.

The days you said you missed me.

The days you used to text me saying how much you missed my presence.

The days you said you missed my touch.

The days you said you missed me.

I still remember those days when at 4:am you used to text me saying, ‘are you there?’ and when I used to text you back instantaneously.

I still remembered those days when you cried about your fears in front of me when I hugged you tightly saying I am here and would be.

I still remember those days when you used to grip my hairs in your hands and tugged downwards while making my plaits.

I still remember those days when you used to say soothing words to me when I was low. ..

I still remember those days when you were vulnerable and I was your strength.

I still remember those days. Those ungodly hours when you used to say how much you loved me and how beautiful I was.

Those ungodly hours when you used to say how much you loved me and how beautiful I was.

I still remember those days when you to say, ‘I can’t leave without you. Don’t ever leave me.

I still remember you leaving me the way you did.

I still remember your forged and deceived smiles you used to bestow upon me.

I still remember those days when you left me saying I was so immature for you.

I still remember those days when I stayed loyal to you when you slept with every other girl behind my back.

I still remember those days when you left me saying, ‘you don’t love me anymore.

Now, here the question arises:

Do you remember any of it?
Do you remember those days?

Do you…?

—Saumya Tripathi



The heart— throbing heartbreak.

She saw him, hugging a girl tightly in his embrace from the corner of the lighting Street.

Tears started to pour out from her eyes unintentionally, lingering momentarily on her chin, pondering deep she thought- what have I done wrong that he had to cheat behind my back?

A very faint sob escapes her, without her knowing and after a couple of minutes of watching the intimate couples, she turns and ran away, far-far away from them, to ease the sensation of her burning pain inside her chest. Despite her chaotic situation and churning stomach, she ran, wiping her tear viciously, she ran as fast as her two little feets could let her.

—Saumya Tripathi!


Short story!

Bad-boy gone right.

“Do you know you look really adorable when you smile like that.”

And, that was the very day where the bad-boy of the university found himself blushing at his very core. Albeit, the blush was a tad, however it was enough for him to yearn for more of her innocent proclamations.

Had he known, it was the start of something very special between them of their blossoming unnamed relationship, he would have tried to find her before.

Or perhaps better, he should have known it was the beginning of his new life where the bad boy would be finding himself: gone right.

—Saumya Tripathi


Short story!

Corruption is— everywhere!

“Do you have any idea how far I have studied, struggled and work hard to fulfill my childhood dream,” she said, while gazing up at the man behind the counter with tremble in her voice.

“Sorry madam, can’t do anything, but if you pay the given amount— the authorities could allow you to go ahead.” Said him, in a nonchalant way.

“But how can you do this? I have already paid my fees, now what you are asking me is called corruption,” she said, her eyes vague with unshed tears with full of terror on her face.

“This is the world of corruption if you can’t afford it, then you better leave it be. Don’t waste my time I have things to do, now go. Try on another college!” He had said petulantly while glaring at her.

And then she left with the idea of broken pieces of dream with her.

—Saumya Tripathi!


Short story!

Portraying about ‘relationship’!

Relationships aren’t always about copulating to show how much you love each other. Nor, it is about sharing the happy moments with each other at the time of 3.pm in the CCD.


It’s rather about sharing the deepest darkest fears, dread and terror at the awake hours of 3.am. It’s about having

It’s about having compassion for each other with expectations knowing very well that: expectation leads to hurt, though, you won’t be; because trust is what you have in each other.
It’s about having embraced the flaws you have inside of you but feel elated in enjoying their madness and craziness and accepting each other without the intention of making the changes in near future.

—Saumya Tripathi!


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Short story!

Another sophisticated love story!

The words he had written to her:

Badi maasum ho, kabi badalna mat janeman!”

(You’re too innocent for your own good, never change, sweetheart!”

Made her heart quiver in terror, perhaps as she has never been called with an endearment and this sort of name, not even in her dreams.

But, somewhere in her heart she knew apart from his dominance, cruel, poignant way, snappy behaviour and impatient way, there is a soft hearted man that lies beneath him, from his cold black eyes that suddenly softens when staring at her non— stop, has made her shiver just by his single glance.

He was like a mute storm, waiting for the right moment to flip, always.

Until he came across her, But having her in his unruffled life that was filled with poverty, wrong decisions and various problems that’s consists of danger.

He was savage in this cruel world but her generosity, somehow slayed him towards her, unknowingly.

He was bewitched not only by her beauty but her innocence too that made him more protective over her.

While having emotionally traumatised, he was the only one to hold her, when she cries at his chest and without any soothing word he used to hold her close, close enough to- sniff her fragrance to calm his nerves down before knowing the reason of her big-fat tears.

Little did she know too that beneath his intimidating aura and eyes, he was a big teddy bear, just for her.

He was not her boyfriend not even friend, just a mere acquainted of her friend that she happens to work for.

He was young but savage that made her even more scared of him.

He was adamant about having her, claiming her, devouring her, making her his, but little did he know too that she was too pure to be tamed by him.

—Saumya Tripathi!



Love is just not about being intimate! 

Our hands grazed.

I felt a warmth inside my chest; the solemn; the piece fell into place when our hands touched.
The touch wasn’t intimate. It just was supposed to be innocent handshake.
Then, why I felt my heart flutter inside the layers of my epithelium tissues?

‘What’s happened to me?’
I reflected. Finger tips touched at last.

‘What would you have us do, now?’
My conscience rattled. 

Maybe it’s love at first sight. Could it be not?’ The voice deduced.
My heart trotted.

Maybe. Just maybe.


—Saumya Tripathi!