The passion of writing made me write this very first blog.

This is the post excerpt.

“Even life is an illusion until you’ve the guts to execute.”

Photography— mine.

Certain things are full of illusions unless we accomplish them.

I am an exuberant soul who loves to pen down the thoughts that happens to emerge out from my imaginary mind, anywhere, anyhow.
Whatsoever, I like to write about anything and explore places and pictures- then writing about my point of view with them, sharing and emerging the exquisiteness by them.

I Love to denote my feelings over writing.

Writing about anything that comes to my mind.

It could be an essay or article or letter or love-short stories, heartbroken stories and etc.

And I usually do picture text that helps me think what must I write about.

Then, I get enormous ideas and without any delinquent I write it.

And now I will be writing and updating my new blogs here.


-Tripathi saumya.

Another snickering behind backs by our so-called society.

Photography— mine.

Claiming is so much easier than living ruthlessness.
Society is what we made; even when they did not know you personally claim to judge you by your morphological appearances.

“It was bound to happen! The society snickered at another victim of rape. “Haven’t you saw how short her dress was? So shameless, this generation girls are,” they continued.

“Then, how about me? I was dressed from head to toe. How did it happened with me? Wasn’t it bound not to happen with me? Asked the Burqa woman, smiling bitterly. 

— Tripathi Saumya!


Friendship is like that bond where you know without it you’ll be left alone.

“Will you be my friend?” The little girl with chubby cheeks and a strange hue on her face asked, grinning enthusiastically at the ten year old boy with certain hope in her sprinkling eyes. 

Rolling his huge obsidian black eyes on the little girl, he snorted with, “Yeah whatever!” 

But little did he know that it was just the starting of a blossoming new relationship.   

—Tripathi Saumya.


MAA— It’s not only a three letter word, but a full brimming courage!

Maa, what if I shan’t win?” Clutching the pallu tightly, the five year old me asked, eyes teary with unshed tears, staring at my Maa dejectedly.

Kneeling beside me Maa smiled, that megawatt smile that had me captivated at the honesty that was brimming on her visage, still though I just peered; watching her as she spoke in her melodic voice, “Game is not always about winning, beta!” 

And just like that I had gotten another reason to love my mother more.❤

Tripathi Saumya!


Eyes; like sapphires. 

Her dark blue eyes resembling so much like of sapphires sparkled with immense mischievousness, the orbicular of blue pools wide with stranded happiness, the ivory skin of her face shone brightly more than any of stars in the skies. His heart skidded a beat, heart plummeting, hands sweaty with lips curving upwards into a innocent loop sided smile.

This is how their new profound relationship started from being a mere strangers to nameless relationship.

—Tripathi Saumya.


Started drawing after a very long time. It’s good to draw again! ❤

It literally feels good to draw again!❤


“Will you go out with me?” He asked, nervously seeing a blink twice.

“W-what?” She stammered blinking, still gobsmacked.

“Yes, you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever met in entire world, so I really don’t want the opportunity of you being in my life slip away. Will you come with me?” He conceded, holding her soft hand into his.

Deflating from her mouth, she turned her head in his direction where she thought his voice had came from and said:

“Why you want you go out with someone who is nothing but filled with darkness? Who can’t even see let alone walk without a helper?” Her voice quiver at the pungent truth as she conceded.

“I will be having enough light for both of us. I will be seeing enough for both of us. Now, will you come?” He asked, wiping the stray tear from her cheekbone.

“Okay!” It was a meek and a whisper but he heard it, anyways, grinning ear to ear at the love of his life!


— Tripathi Saumya!

Changing views, Is it?

“Don’t be so judgemental!” She drawled.

“Are you kidding me? I am not being judgemental here. I am merely stating the truth,” he replied, looking at her through his long lashes that she’s so come to loved.

“You’re being rude, that’s it. Change your view, then, there will not be such things!” She protested at his stoic face.


Sighing, he held her small soft hand in his big warm once, “It’s not I who has this filthy views only, Avi. However, if I were to change my views do you think all the rape cases and acid attacks would be eradicated? No, all the other species of males do think those things which you couldn’t even guess in your dreams. Ever. Their mind works at that way. You nor I could neither change it.

You whatsoever could change my mind but theirs? Never. And I could never afford to let you go there by yourself and talk to those fuckers.

“B-but its my job!” She seethed. “And don’t cuss!” She adomonished him, swiflty.

“Ah! Sorry!” He did not sounded sorry at all, to her that is. However she did not delve.

“You should be!” She replied. “And it’s my job I could not just leave it. Those nafarious people should change their views about women not the other way around!”

“Then, unfortunately you’ve to let me accompany you. Simple is that since I couldn’t let you roam all alone by yourself.” He grinned, winking at her.

The wroth she was feeling just a while ago evaporated until not even the hot air was left in her at the proclamation that he so lasciviously had said with his not so pure volition.

Her lips quirked up in derision.


—Tripathi Saumya!

Papa- Happy father’s day.

Do you really think a million or billion thanks could be enough for the deeds you’ve had done in the past for us, Papa?

I suppose, no. Althought, I do thanks alot everyday for the immeasurable love and care you poured on us like earth pours rain on the dry ground to kept it drenched. Despite of knowing that it won’t do a thing let alone compete with the caress you did and will be doing it till our last breath, I thank you. 

You were the only one who made us believe in love since infant’s days.

I don’t think this day should be celebrated as father’s day. Father’s day ought to be celebrated each and everyday in our lives till we are alive.

Papa you are a hero and always will be!


– Tripathi Saumya.