The passion of writing made me write this very first blog.

This is the post excerpt.

I am an exuberant soul who loves to pen down the thoughts that happens to emerge out from my imaginary mind, anywhere, anyhow.
Whatsoever, I like to write about anything and explore places and pictures- then writing about my point of view with them, sharing and emerging the exquisiteness by them.

I Love to denote my feelings over writing.

Writing about anything that comes to my mind.

It could be an essay or article or letter or love-short stories, heartbroken stories and etc.

And I usually do picture text that helps me think what must I write about.

Then, I get enormous ideas and without any delinquent I write it.

And now I will be writing and updating my new blogs here.


-Tripathi saumya.

Papa- Happy father’s day.

Do you really think a million or billion thanks could be enough for the deeds you’ve had done in the past for us, Papa?

I suppose, no. Althought, I do thanks alot everyday for the immeasurable love and care you poured on us like earth pours rain on the dry ground to kept it drenched. Despite of knowing that it won’t do a thing let alone compete with the caress you did and will be doing it till our last breath, I thank you. 

You were the only one who made us believe in love since infant’s days.

I don’t think this day should be celebrated as father’s day. Father’s day ought to be celebrated each and everyday in our lives till we are alive.

Papa you are a hero and always will be!


– Tripathi Saumya.

Novel- Different shades of him.

I think you’d like this story: “Different Shades Of HIM.” by Me on Wattpad http://my.w.tt/UiNb/ctpm3khTZD

If, you are very fond of novels- then you should certainly check this one out.

I could just hope that you shall ​like it.❤

Pic from google. Edited by me.

I’ve really worked hard for the stories  as well as chapters please do take a glance over and review your opinions- honest opinions over it.

I’d be honoured!❤
Thank- you guys!



Isn’t it?

It is too esay to give your repercussion towards someone who you fully do not know in person.

But unfortunately,

It seemed so difficult to stand infront of a mirror and judge yourself on the basic of other’s regarded rumours. Isn’t it?


      -Tripathi Saumya!

Everyone has something good within them, you just have to open up your heart to see that.

Everyone- whoever exits on this planet earth, has a good side- always have within them, despite of the mordant behaviour they pretend to have in front of the people.
You just have to open up your heart to them to let them know you are with them by their side- always and forever. Therefore, you will get to know that they were the most delicate people by heart.


-Tripathi Saumya!


We really don’t want to be in a relationship, we just come into it because of the loneliness we feel for a certain period of time, letting the fear of being alone to be satisfied, in the name of an infatuation- when it comes to be over, we again, indulge ourselves in our loneliness.

At some point in your life you need someone very badly- too badly that it feels like you’re about to give up your life just because of temporary loneliness that begun to crawls up in your veins, haughtily.


– Tripathi Saumya. 

Shower of ‘Unbidden tears.’

How ironic, Deliriously, they thought that they could give a shot to their relationship for one last chance.

But, when she stood under the shower reminiscing about the previous coils then only she come to find herself jolting awake about the previously happened situation.

“It was just a one night stand babe, nothing else and I was too drunk to notice,” he had said that to her, pleadingly.

“Despite of knowing about my trust issues you have played with me,” saying she broke down into unbidden tears. 


 -Tripathi saumya.